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Like dreaming, reading performs the task
of carrying us off to other worlds. But reading is not dreaming because
books, unlike dreams, are subject to our will: they envelop us in alternative
realities only because we give them explicit permission to do so.

Books are the dreams we would most like to have,
and, like dreams, they have the power to change consciousness, turning
sadness to laughter and anxious introspection to the relaxed contemplation
of some other place and time.
If you want to be inspired read this womans story!

Personal History

The books that help you make sure that you
run your home
instead of it running you!
Spiritual Midwifery   *  *  *  *  *

Ina May Gaskin         

This is a top shelf book for every mother!
The words of Mother Teresa
The Hundred Secret Senses

by the lovely Amy Tan
Can't Wait To Get To Heaven!

by Fannie Flagg

Discussion questions for your book club!

Indulge yourself in the sweet world
of Fannie Flagg

About Fannie

Neighbor Dorothy Carmel Cake Recipe
The 7 Habits

Simply one of the most life changing books
you will ever read.
So go ahead -

Give yourself a fondle for good health!
The Aeron Chair People- Free Shipping
The Aeron Chair People- Free Shipping
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