The Busy Family's Guide to Volunteering shows you how to
access the resources and information available to find
volunteer opportunities that meet the needs of your family.
Every family can begin volunteering -together today with the
wonderful ideas provided, such as volunteering:

To start a neighborhood garden
At animal shelters
At children's museums
At schools reading to children
For disaster relief organizations
For campaigns for candidates running for office
For campaigns to ban land mines
And many more!

Proceeds from this book support the nonprofit organization
A nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that weaves volunteerism,
charitable giving and social action into the fabric of families’
lives to strengthen family bonds, bring communities together,
and inspire kids to care.
approves of these women very much!

Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished
when a couple of good women put their
minds together and roll up their sleeves!
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10 Tips For Family Volunteers

10 Reasons To Start Doing Good Together Now!
The Busy Families Guide
To Volunteering

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The Busy Families Guide To Volunteering is a
wonderful tool for on the go families.
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For busy parents who want to spend
time with their kids while still contributing
to their community,
family volunteering
is an opportunity to combine two
commitments into one.
Volunteering is an important way to cultivate
compassion, gratitude, and empathy in
children and to bring families together in
meaningful ways.
This book is -perfect for
every family because it
flexibility--volunteer for
long-term projects or
one-time events.

Whether you have a
two-year-old or an
eighteen-year-old, you'll
find everything you need
to know to have a
fulfilling and fun
volunteer experience,
from finding the right
opportunity for your
family to answering
hesitations you may
The perfect book for families who want to do
good things for their community, spend quality
time together, and have fun!
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could save
your life!