"Do not wait
for leaders.
Do it alone,
person to
No Greater Love

is the essential wisdom of Mother Teresa —
The most accessible, intimate, and inspiring book of her teachings.

Thematically arranged to present her revolutionary vision of
Christianity in its graceful simplicity, the book features her
thoughts on love, generosity, forgiveness, prayer, service, and
what it means to be a Christian.

A passionate testament to deep hope and abiding faith in God,

No Greater Love celebrates the life and work of one of the world’s
most revered spiritual teachers.

We have all been created for greater things --
to love and to be loved. Love is love -- to love a person without any
conditions, without any expectations. Works of love are works of
peace and purity. Works of love are always a means of Becoming
closer to God, so the more we help each other, the more we really
love God better by loving each other.  Jesus very clearly said,
'Love one another as I have loved you,'

Love in action is what gives us grace. We pray and, if we are able
to love with a whole heart, then we will see the need. Those who
are unwanted, unloved, and uncared for become just a throwaway
of society - that's why we must really make everybody feel wanted.

"There is something else to remember --
that this kind of love begins at home.  We cannot give to the
outside what we don't have on the inside.  This is very important.
If I can't see God's love in my brother and sister then how can I see
that love in somebody else? How can I give it to somebody else?

Everybody has got some good.

Some hide it, some neglect it, but it is there."

A treasury of meditations, prayers, and reflections, one for each
day of the year, from one of the most revered figures of our time.

The provocative ideas and touching insights found in The Joy in
Loving spring from incidents in Mother Teresa's own remarkable
life. She speaks of men and women who have lived and died
uncomplainingly, even in the midst of great poverty and
deprivation; of wealthy businessmen whose indifference has been
transformed into compassion and charity, and of her encounters
with people and governments around the globe.

Through all of this, Mother Teresa emphasizes the need for a
disciplined, loving family life, for "in the home begins the
disruption of the peace of the world." Drawing on more than
seventy years of selfless service to the poorest of the poor, she
discusses the importance of work and prayer, charity and service,
the right to life and, above all, the need to love--unconditionally
and absolutely.
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