Its a dirty job but somebodys got to do it.  
    If you don't hire out help around the house
    try this!

    It will make the unavoidable task of
    keeping your home tidy and manageable
    in the fastest, easiest, most efficient way.

    These guys ran a cleaning biz for years
    and found the fastest way to do

    We at Housewifemafia.com can not believe
    how useful and right on this book is.

    If you want to cut down on your
    housework time
    and spend more time enjoying your life
    and doing interesting things -
    TRY THIS!  It really works.


    You can save oodles of money and often
    have a job done better to your satisfaction
    by doing it yourself!

    You are able to fix more things around the
    house than you ever dreamed possible.

    Don't be intimidated by new or
    complicated sounding terms.
    Much of it is simpler than you think.

    This can be a simpler solution than
    waiting around for a repair person, who
    may or may not be able to diagnose and
    fix the problem on the first visit.  

    Sometimes that is a tactic to charge you
    more, and sometimes the repair person
    sent to your home is inexperienced, and
    learning as he or she goes.  

    That just reinforces the idea that you
    may be able to do just as well, or
    even better by doing it yourself.

    Its worth the time to just explore and see
    if you can save time & money by doing it


    I know - it sounds crazy - but this is an
    impressive little substance.  

    This is not simply a useful and
    informative book about the innumerable
    uses for good old baking soda, it also
    saves yo tons of money,
    and in the process you are
    not harming the environment.

    It is also entertaining and sometimes
    downright funny-- it would be a great gift
    for anyone, including yourself.
    I expect that Vicki Lansky had a blast
    putting this book together, and
    her enthusiasm is evident in this book!


    I know you are thinking about douches.   

    If you could, please stop thinking about
    your kitty for a minute and I will tell you
    some other nice uses for vinegar.

    Vinegar is a health remedy, a neutralizer,
    a cleaner, a condiment, and a

    It can kill bacteria, mold, and germs,
    yet it is environmentally safe.  

    We use it on all our office windows &

    This comprehensive guide covers all types
    and uses of vinegar, including how to make
    flavored varieties and using it as the basis
    for kids' science projects. A full index and
    whimsical illustrations make the book
    informative and fun.

    Ok - Please resume thinking about your
    kitty if you wish.

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